Sinjin Hawke – “Like That”

My problem with dubstep isn’t the music itself, so much as the prejudice surrounding and the lines drawn between the camps. The sooner the camps stop warring over potency, the sooner the dialogue can return to (1) moving bodies, (2) rocking bedrooms, (3) making jeep music, et al. Here’s something exciting from Sinjin Hawke that puts it all together, I think he/she might actually get my point, from what I’ve heard from “The Lights”. This DJ-Producer knows how to mix up a variety into a breath of fresh air.  Sinjin Hawke reworks dirty rap with more esoteric and atmospheric elements, producing a more playful environment where vocal loops wind and unwind on cough syrup reels; where footwork percussion rubs against Baltimore antics; it’s an atmosphere that spends less time defining against the Other of capital D dubstep and is all the better because of it. Try “Like That”, sounds like DJ Nate and Mr Collipark getting together for a tea party.


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